Cod pentru reclama cu bannere 468x60
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1 Cod pentru reclama cu bannere 468x60 la data de Sam Mar 31, 2012 1:51 am


Dupa cum ati vazut, la noi in header exista un mic "slider" cu bannere care se schimba la un interval de timp si m-am gandit ca v-ar placea si voua acest cod.
Adaugam acest cod intr-o pagina html:

//                        EDIT FROM HERE

      Script settings

var settings = {
  'force_size':        0,              //    if set to 1 all banners will be resized to the width and height in the next to settings
  'img_width':        468,        //  width to resize all banners to, only takes effect if above is 1
  'img_height':        60,          //    height to resize all banners to, only takes effect if above is 1
  'refresh_time':        5000,        //  the seconds between refreshs of the banners - use 0 to disable
  'refresh_max':        100,            //  maximum number of refreshs on each page load
  'duplicate_banners':  0,            //  keep as 0 to make sure the same banner won't show on the same page. will only take effect
                                //  if show_banners(); is used more than once. You must make sure you have enough banners to fill
                                //  all the slots else the browser may freeze or give a stack overflow error
  'location_prefix':      'adLocation-',  //  The prefix of the IDs of the <div> which wraps the banners - this div is generated dynamically.
                                //  a number will be added on the end of this string. adLocation- was used by default before version 1.4.x
  'location_class':      'swb',        //  A class to add to all of the <div>s which wrap the banners, ideal to use for styling banners - use .swb img in your CSS 
  'window':            '_blank',      //  Window to open links in, _self = current, _blank = new. Use _top if in a frame!     
  'default_ad_loc':      'default'      //  The default adLocation. This is assigned to any banners not given an adLocation in the below banner list
                                //  There is no real reason to need to change this

// banner list syntax: new banner(website_name, website_url, banner_url, show_until_date, adlocation),  DATE FORMAT: dd/mm/yyyy
// if you're not using adlocations just leave it empty like '' as in the last example here
// to make sure a banner is always rotating, just set the date far into the future, i.e. year 3000

var banners = [
        new banner('Nume',        'Link',          'Link Banner',      '31/12/2019',  ''),
        new banner('Nume',        'Link',          'Link Banner',      '31/12/2019',  ''),
        new banner('Nume',        'Link',          'Link Banner',    '31/12/2019',  '')

//                    There is no need to edit below here
var used=0;var location_counter=0;var refresh_counter=1;var map=new Array();function banner(a,b,c,d,e){;this.url=b;this.image=c;;;this.oid=0;if(e!=''){this.loc=e}else{this.loc=settings.default_ad_loc}}function show_banners(a){location_counter=location_counter+1;if(a!=''&&a!=undefined){map[location_counter]=a}else{map[location_counter]=settings.default_ad_loc}var b='<div id="'+settings.location_prefix+location_counter+'" class="'+settings.location_class+'"></div>';document.write(b);display_banners(location_counter)}function display_banners(a){var b=new Array();if(a==''||!a||a<0){return}var c=banners.length;if((c==used)&&settings.duplicate_banners==0){return}for(i=0;i<(banners.length);i++){banners[i].oid=i;if((banners[i].loc==map[a])&&(banners[i].active==1)){b.push(banners[i])}}var d=Math.floor(Math.random()*b.length);var e=b[d];var f=(settings.force_size==1)?' width="'+settings.img_width+'" height="'+settings.img_height+'"':'';var g='<a href="'+e.url+'" title="''" target="'+settings.window+'"><img border="0" src="'+e.image+'"'+f+' alt="''" /></a>';var h=new Date();var;j=j.split('/',3);var k=new Date();k.setFullYear(parseInt(j[2]),parseInt(j[1])-1,parseInt(j[0]));if((h<k)&&{var l=document.getElementById(settings.location_prefix+a);if(l==null){alert('spyka Webmaster banner rotator\nError: adLocation doesn\'t exist!')}else{l.innerHTML=g;if(settings.duplicate_banners==0){banners[e.oid].active=0;used++}return}}else{display_banners(a)}return}function refresh_banners(){if((refresh_counter==settings.refresh_max)||settings.refresh_time<1){clearInterval(banner_refresh)}used=0;for(j=0;j<(banners.length);j++){banners[j].active=1}for(j=1;j<(location_counter+1);j++){display_banners(j)}refresh_counter++}var banner_refresh=window.setInterval(refresh_banners,settings.refresh_time);

Din codul javascript adaugat, doar urmatorul cod il puteti modifica:

        new banner('Nume',        'Link',          'Link Banner',      '31/12/2019',  ''),
        new banner('Nume',        'Link',          'Link Banner',      '31/12/2019',  ''),
        new banner('Nume',        'Link',          'Link Banner',    '31/12/2019',  '')
Unde este "Nume" treceti numele siteului pe care il promovati.
Unde este "Link" adresa siteului promovat.
Unde este "Link Banner" este adresa imagini.
Unde este "31/12/2019" este data pana cand bannerul va fi afisat.

Apasati pe butonul intregistrare si adaugati link-ul pagini in urmatoul cod:
Codul acesta il puteti introduce intr-un widget, template, alta pagina HTML etc.

<script language="javascript" src="LINK PAGINA HTML AICI"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">

Sper ca v-a placut si ca v-a fost de folos.

Tutorial realizat de Pagnel.

2 Re: Cod pentru reclama cu bannere 468x60 la data de Dum Mai 20, 2012 10:38 pm


Bun tutorialul Smile
Multumesc mult Razz

3 Re: Cod pentru reclama cu bannere 468x60 la data de Lun Mai 21, 2012 4:02 am


Bravo mihai,te descurci tot timpul mai bine!

4 Re: Cod pentru reclama cu bannere 468x60 la data de Mier Mai 23, 2012 1:52 am


Bravo Pagnel,este foarte folositor codul.

5 Re: Cod pentru reclama cu bannere 468x60 la data de Lun Aug 06, 2012 8:05 am


Foarte frumos!

6 Re: Cod pentru reclama cu bannere 468x60 la data de Dum Sept 30, 2012 4:20 am


Sabin ;x
pacat ca acet tutorial nu este facut de tine

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